Modern Spaces

Modern Day Residence

Framingham State has opened two new residence halls since 2011, each of which features the latest in energy efficiency, as well as great views of campus from the top floors, large living areas and lounges, and multimedia equipment for viewing movies and sporting events. The 316-bed West Hall opened off Maynard Road in September. The building features energy-efficient fiberglass windows, suite bedrooms with vacancy sensors that turn off lights if students forget and bedroom windows with interlocks that turn off the heat to the room if the window is opened. Residential floors are configured into two “neighborhoods” linked to a suite lounge on each floor.


Inside Hemenway Labs

Home to the Sciences

Explore STEMHome to the Sciences
Hemenway Laboratories

Hemenway Laboratories, the four-story structure opened in 2015, adds 16 sparkling new labs for biology, chemistry and food science, complete with the latest equipment and safety features. The labs offer opportunities for students to work hands-on with techniques and equipment that will help prepare them for the workplace. More lab space also means that upperclassmen can run multi-day experiments. Hemenway Labs' spacious atrium serves as a perfect spot to study, relax or work with classmates using the whiteboard walls to draw out diagrams and formulas.

The Planetarium

Thanks to game-changing advancements in technology, today’s planetaria are no longer limited by single-purpose star projectors and associated astronomy-specific tools. The Framingham State University Planetarium is a multi-disciplinary, HD digital, full dome educational theater that can reveal the inner workings of a cell, sub-atomic particle, or ecosystem just as easily as it can the immense structures that populate our universe. Whether addressing the smallest aspects of Earth’s biosphere or the most unimaginably massive objects in our universe, Framingham State University’s high-definition, digital planetarium is a powerful and effective catalyst for learning.

The Danforth

The Danforth is an independent museum and studio art school founded in 1975. In 2018, the Danforth merged with Framingham State University, which launched plans to reopen the museum and school in a renovated space in the Jonathan Maynard Building at 14 Vernon Street. The museum is located on the second floor of the Maynard Building and features six exhibition spaces, including one devoted to the Danforth’s exceptional Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller collection. The museum features changing exhibitions from its Permanent Collection and other historic and contemporary art works, with a special emphasis on regional artists. The third floor of the building is the new home for Danforth’s community art classes, while the first floor serves as a space for some of Framingham State University’s art courses.